What is the difference in effect between different face masks

Face masks in public are becoming an increasingly well-known image. The predictions for a 2nd Corona wave is increasingly a discussed topic.

People want to protect themselves by wearing mouth masks and not only while traveling, but also while shopping, shopping, etc.

But what is the effect of the different types of masks and are you wearing the rightface mask, for the protection you want to offer yourself?

The Maskerland range of mouth-nose masks are: the 3-ply non-medical face masks, the 2R Surgical face masks, the KN95 non-medical masks and the FFP2 medical masks.

Below is an explanation of how the different types of mouth masks and masks work.

Non-Medical Face Mask:

These are the masks that the Dutch government advises to use in public transport orwhile traveling.

These masks do not have official indications and do not have a CE mark and therefore no legally determined standard, concerns the degree of protection it offers and thequality of the masks.

A non-medical face mask does not protect yourself, but can protect the people around you and wearing the masks only offers protection if the people around you also wear a face mask.

Due to the lack of a legal quality standard, there are many different types of quality face masks available on the market.

Maskerland only offers you masks of the best quality.

Our non-medical face masks are 3-ply with a BFE (Bacterial Filter Efficiency) of 95% and are produced according to the Production Standard: GB / T 32610-2016.

2R Surgical Face Masks:

The 2R Surgical Face Masks are medical devices that healthcare providers wear during the care and treatment of patients and clients. They protect the patient or client against microorganisms that come from thehealthcare provider.

Although the masks are used by healthcare professionals, these masks also do not protect the wearer against external viruses. This is because particles from the air can still enter through the sides of the mask.

The 2R masks must meet certain legal standards. It has a CE mark. The masks are tested on the basis of the NEN-EN 14683 standard and must comply with the European directive for medical devices (Directive 93/42 / EEC or Regulation (EU) 2017/745).

The 2R face masks from Maskerland comewith the following documents:

  • ISO13485 certificate
  • Nelson BFE test report
  • Nelson test report PFE
  • Nelson test report Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance
  • Nelson test report Delta P
  • Declaration of Conformity

FFP2 Face Mask:

The FFP2 face masks are personal protective equipment and are used for medical purposes. These face masks protect the user against inhaling all kinds of harmful substances (including viruses) that can be spread through the air. These face masks must fit completely against the face.

The FFP class indicates how well the maskfilters when inhaled. With the FFP2 face masks this is 94%. The face masks mustmeet legal standards. It has a CE mark. The masks are tested on the basis of the NEN-EN 149 + A1 standard and must comply with the European Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EC 2016/425).

The FFP2 Ivrou face masks from maskland come with the following documents:

  • CE Certification / Production Standard EN149: 2001 and A1: 2009
  • EU type test certificate
  • Dektra test certificate
  • BSI certificate
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Notified Body Number 2163

KN95 Face Mask without valve:

The KN95 typing is the Chinese quality standard comparable to the FFP2 face masks. Due to the shortages of FFP2 masks that previously prevailed during the first Corona wave, the KN95 masks were allowed by the Dutch government to be used by our doctors.

Although the standards of the KN95 correspond to the FFP2, these caps are not CE marked and do not fall under the category of personal protective equipment and are officially non-medical.

Where the non-medical 3-layer masks do not protect you against viruses from outside, the KN95 masks do have this effect. Since the KN95 face masks are called non-medical, you are free to wear them in public places to protect yourself against external viruses.

The operation of the KN-95 masks from maskland corresponds to masks of the type FFP2 and come with the following documents:

  • Certificate GB2626-2006
  • Test report EN149: FFP2
  • Declaration of Conformity

As soon as you purchase KN95 from Maskerland, you can assume that you are sufficiently protected, even though these masks do not have an FFP2 designation.

If you prefer face masks that bear a CE mark, you can purchase the FFP2 Ivrou face masks in our webshop.