How does Maskerland guarantee the quality of the masks sold on the site?

Maskerland is a Dutch company, of which one branch of our company has a team of specialized buyers in Asia. These buyers are experienced in selecting high-quality manufacturers, auditing the manufacturers on-site and supervising production, so that the quality of the products is guaranteed.

A strict selection process is very important, you have probably seen in the news that some masks or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) were not of the desired quality.

This is generally due to the fact that some buyers do not have the knowledge and skills to distinguish good manufacturers from bad manufacturers. However, we are able to do this, and this is also one of the reasons why our mask and PPE have been found suitable by the Dutch government.

We also think however it is important that you as a consumer have access to reliable masks of guaranteed quality, so that you can effectively protect yourself and your environment against COVID-19.