Wear your mask properly

Wear your mask properly
- Make sure your hands are clean before removing the mask from the packaging. By first cleaning your hands with soap and water or using a disinfectant gel.
- Carefully take the face mask out of the packaging and unfold the mask. The metal nose part points upwards.
- Hold the mask in one hand and place the elastics behind the ears with the other hand. The metal part is placed just below the nose bridge.
- Make sure that your nose and mouth area are completely covered by the mask. You fold the metal part around your nose.
- Do not touch the mask during use; if you do, make sure you have clean hands first.
- Replace the mask with a new mask as soon as it is damp and do not reuse the mask. These are for single use.
- To remove the mask: remove the mask at the back (do not touch the front of the mask); immediately discard the mask in a closed waste container; clean your hands with disinfectant hand gel or soap and water.
- Note that facial hair reduces the connection to the face and the mask does not work optimally.

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